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24 August 2019 - 3/B+/62 – BART Dublin/Pleasanton to Walnut Creek over Morgan Territory and Through Collier Canyon

  • 25 Aug 2019 12:39 PM
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    3/B+/62 – BART Dublin/Pleasanton to Walnut Creek over Morgan Territory and Through Collier Canyon


    A great ride over Morgan Territory, not too long, not too short, with only 2,900 feet elevation gain and the added benefit of skirting downtown Livermore by deviating through picturesque Collier Canyon.  Starting at the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station avoids the busy traffic encountered at the Walnut Creek BART station and allows you to start on the Iron Horse Trail right away.



    Though warmer temperatures were forecast, a high of 91 in the afternoon for Livermore, I had calculated to be on the flats again by that time and nearly finished with this ride. 

    Two members were waiting for me at Kaiser:

    Tom Bajerski, and

    Jack Pigott

    I appreciated their fortitude, which was proven on the ride.  After catching the 8.22-train from Fruitvale, we started the ride on the Iron Horse Trail, directly adjoining the BART station, at 0903.  Since we encountered more and more pedestrians, we turned onto Danville Boulevard at Mile 10 and made better progress.  At Mile 16 we opted to stop at the Dunkin’ Donuts for refreshments; I figured the extra caffeine would come in handy for the climb later on.

    Another stop was  made in the park in Clayton, our Mile 28, next to a convenience store there.  For Tom the slog up Morgan Territory started to take its toll, but he never dismounted and did not walk his bike.  So even though Jack forged ahead and reached the summit parking lot and rest area first and I would occasionally stop and wait for Tom to give my brand of encouragement, I reached Jack with only 15 minutes delay.  Once Tom reached the rest stop at our Mile 41, I insisted he run water over his head.  I did so with a plastic cup I borrowed from a hiker.

    As of the summit, the following descent and the ride down Collier Canyon, a gradual downhill segment, temperatures were tickling 100 degrees.  Going via Collier Canyon entailed a 200 foot climb and an additional two miles, but avoided the traffic and general congestion of downtown Livermore.  We voted to stop at the next convenience store, but found the San Francisco Premium Outlets in Dublin instead.  We hung out there among the shoppers for a good half hour before proceeding on the last four (!) miles.

    One would believe the rest would be gravy, but Tom chose to stay on the street rather than following us on the Arroyo Mocho Trail, so that we shouted at him when we waited for him at a nearby intersection, otherwise he would have continued in the wrong direction.  Shortly afterwards, Jack wanted to stay on what he thought was the correct path, when, in fact, he was cycling away from us on the Arroyo Mocho Trail.  In the end we met on the same train, with Jack arriving on the platform at the last possible moment when the train doors were already closing.  Due to the various delays and impromptu rest stops, we reached Alameda by about 5 PM, rather than the 3 PM I had originally envisaged.


    We never did replenish enough of the lost liquids during the ride and I am certain our group drank plenty of liquids the next 24 hours to make up for it.  However, I did not consider it too warm for this ride and with an average speed of 13 mph, we accomplished a more leisurely pace with a commensurate lower average heart rate, which, in my case, never surpassed 140 BPM.  There were no elevated signs of heat effects, and had higher temperatures been forecast, I would have cancelled this ride.  I am certain this training ride for Cycle Oregon fulfilled its purpose as well.  I will also remove the “+” on the pace rating for future rides.

    -- Ralph
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