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Club Rides

These are typical rides for our club, most of them in the medium hills rating ('3'). They start at Kaiser Alameda (Central Ave).

 Ride  Rating (Hilliness/Distance) Description 
San Leandro - Zoo - Skyline 3/33

This ride starts at Kaiser in Alameda, and we usually make a first stop at the bathrooms at the San Leandro Marina parking lot.

From there we make our way towards the Oakland Zoo; there is short steeper section just after leaving the Zoo parking lot. The zoo parking lot is another assembly point with bathrooms.

After the rolling hills along Skyline Blvd we stop at the trailhead parking lot at the "Richard Tradeau Training Center", and then proceed up the hill. We make our way back through Oakland and end it just after the Park St bridge.

The majority of the ride is "3" in the hills category; the steep section after the zoo is about 10%.

Fairmont - Redwood Rd - Pinehurst 3/42

This ride starts at Kaiser in Alameda, and we usually make a first stop at the bathrooms at the San Leandro Marina parking lot.

From there we make our way towards the first hill up Fairmont. We then continue on and cut through Castro Valley via Walnut Rd and Proctor Rd, turning left onto Redwood Rd. Soon after turn left into the Golf Course where we do a water and restrooms stop.

Continuing up Redwood Rd is a looong hill which is not very steep, so take your time. After a nice decent down through wonderful redwood trees we'll turn right onto Pinehurst. Pinehurst will go all the way to Skyline - the last hill up to Skyline is pretty long and has a short steep section at the end (if you see 'Alexis Alexis Alexis' written on the road you're almost there!).

From there it's all downhill through Shepherd Canyon and back home to Alameda via the Park St Bridge.

5 Canyons via Fairmont

Bay Bridge - TI - Out and back 2/31 Pretty flat ride with some steep sections between the bridge end and the bottom of Treasure Island. Note that access to TI may be blocked off depending on construction.
Moraga/Orinda/Wildcat via Butters 3/45

Going through Oakland via Park Blvd to Monterey Blvd, up Butters with a stop at the ranger station.

Then taking Redwood Blvd to Pinehurst Rd, turning right towards Moraga, turning left towards Orinda. Coffee/Snack break in downtown Orinda at either Starbucks or Peets.

Going through Orinda until we turn left to go up Wildcat Canyon (we'll stop at the top parking lot) - going down via Spruce St and to the Emeryville Shoreline and back home to Alameda.

About 3000ft of climbing, 44 miles. B pace with multiple regroup stops.

Bears - Wildcat - Oh My 3/64 Head up Leimert and Butters to Skyline, down Redwood, and then out through Moraga and Orinda to Bear Creek. Ride the Bears and then back to Berkeley via Wildcat and back home along the Bay Trail.
Fairmont/Redwood Loop 3/35 Riding up and over Fairmont, up Walnut and Proctor, down the Hill of Love, past the golf course and up and over Redwood Road, up Skyline and down Joaquin Miller, Monterey and 35th to home.
Tunnel-Pinehurst-Redwood 3/31 Ride to and up Tunnel, traverse Skyline and then head down Big Pinehurst. At the bottom, head up Little Pinehurst to Redwood and then back home.
Spruce-Wildcat-Moraga3/38Head to Berkeley, go up Spruce and then through Tilden Park to Inspiration Point, down Wildcat and out to Moraga, then up Redwood and home.

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